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Worldwide, (grand)parents are teaching their children (2+) to become more self-reliant in the water through play with Fibby. Read their reviews and experiences here.
  • Barbera

    We bought the Fibby for our 3.5-year-old son. He was already comfortable in the water, but after just a few times playing with Fibby on his back in the water, we were able to teach him the first steps of, among others, the breaststroke. By the end of the holiday, he was swimming across the entire pool by himself. He never wanted to float on his back before Fibby, but now he pushes off from the edge and floats on his back alone, including flipping over and then coming back to the edge. In short, we are super happy with Fibby and have really made a big step forward in just a very short time.

  • Desiree

    Fantastic thing!! Our daughter really thinks it's her swimming buddy. It's on when she wakes up on vacation and only comes off when we're away from the water. They can just play freely. The accompanying app really helps your child gain confidence.

  • Marije

    It was a joy to discover the water together! Frits (2 years old) was soon able to manage himself a bit and enjoyed the freedom of movement he had in and out of the water with Fibby on his back.

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  • Maria

    When parenting technique meets, miracles are performed! I bought Fibby for my 3-year-old daughter. Last week we brought Fibby to the beach and eventually tried it in "deep" water. Sara (my daughter) loved that she could play with her little friend and we were all super happy and proud to see her keeping her head above water after just the first 10 minutes! I'm an engineer myself and got excited seeing this great invention; I love it when technology is applied to such good causes, especially when it comes to children!! And now I'm happy to see it's working! We continue to train and play with Fibby, we can't wait to take it to our summer vacation in Italy! Keep it up, guys!

  • Annemieke

    Our daughter quickly learned to swim independently with great pleasure and confidence. And she eventually got her swimming diploma much faster than usual. Fibby gave her a flying start! Highly recommended! Fibby is intuitive, makes your child water-savvy, and is nice and fun to wear. The latter also makes it something fun for the child to wear. We received super nice reactions from everyone on vacation. Parent and child both very happy. Fibby is really great!

  • Katharina

    We are absolutely thrilled! Our oldest daughter (5 years old) couldn't really stay afloat after a swimming course. After just a week of swimming with her Fibby, she now works without any problems without swimming aids! Simply amazing! Our son (3.5 years old) loves his Fibby, even though he has to "kick along", which will prepare him excellently for swimming later! We'll try it again soon with our daughter (almost 2 years old), it was still too wobbly for her ;)

  • Matthia

    Here's a mother of a seven- and two-year-old. With my first child, there was always fussing with arm bands; they don't fit, slip off, are leaking, and a struggle to put on! I wanted to prevent this with my son and then suddenly there was Fibby! My son is firstly super enthusiastic and sees Fibby as a buddy on his back, feels confident, and swims wonderfully. So highly recommended :)!

  • Mark

    What freedom our toddler has had since we started using Fibby for him! With the regular 'puddle jumper', he was already free in the water, but now that he knows Fibby, he doesn't want anything else! He now has his arms free, giving him much more freedom of movement! He can climb out of the pool independently now, which wasn't possible with the old one because he couldn't use his arms optimally. Once in the water, he's so agile, as if nothing surrounds him. It also works well in the sea! No wave too high, he comes back up again! We saw his confidence grow with every wave! But for us, Fibby is the best of both worlds, freedom for him and safety for us! We're fans!

  • Ivette

    We've had Fibby for a week now and have been actively swimming with Fibby for several days. Our son (3 years old) has been calling him "my friend" from the very first moment. Beautiful, and he wears it with pride !! The videos from the app are fun and match his level well. What progress we see in such a short time!! The first time in the pool was very exciting because normally he just floated and now he had to do something for it! And now he jumps into the pool himself and swims with his feet to the other side. So clever!! And we've only reached the 2nd video in the app!

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The main benefits listed:

✅ Become self-sufficient from 2 years old.

✅ Learn to float and move in a natural swimming position through play.

✅ Maximum freedom of movement

✅ Deflating, slipping, and irritating armbands are a thing of the past.

✅ Practical guidance for parents

✅ With a head start on swimming lessons.

✅ Dutch design, made in Europe

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