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Fibby is on a mission

Safely enjoy water fun from an early age!

Starting early with Fibby pays off! The younger the child, the faster they can swim completely freely. Years before swim lessons begin!

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  • Desiree & Lana (3)

    Our daughter truly believes it's her swimming buddy. It's there when she wakes up on vacation and only leaves when we're away from the water. They can just play freely. The accompanying app really helps build her confidence.

  • Hugo & Pip (4)

    "Fibby is the tool for learning to swim independently without fear. In fact, it's similar to a "balance bike" for learning to ride a real bike. Traditional arm floaties are like "training wheels": they actually hinder the transition to independent movement in the water."

  • Annemarie and her son (4)

    "It's so great that there's finally something on the market that allows children who are too young for swimming lessons to practice and learn important skills like getting to the edge of the pool. It's a shame this wasn't available for our oldest child back then; it would have saved us a lot of swimming lessons and unnecessary stress."

  • Danny & Mike (2)

    It's truly amazing to see how quickly the children become more independent in the water! It makes me incredibly proud!

  • Merle & Lucca (3)

    "Fibby really became part of the family. It was nice to see how much love Fibby!"

  • Rianne & Morris (2)

    "The Fibby learning app worked wonders for Morris. At first, he didn't want to go swimming, but after watching the videos, he immediately changed his mind!"

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