Fibby experiences

We asked Feebs from over the world for their experience with Fibby. Hundreds responded, here's some of what they said.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  9.2/10 (122 reviews)


Fibby is the tool to learn fear-free independent swimming. In fact, it’s just like the “balance bike” towards real cycling. Traditional swimming wings are like ‘tricycles’: they actually make the step to propel independence more difficult."

Hugo & Pip (4)

"So great  there is finally something on the market that allows children who are still too young for swimming lessons to practice and, for example, learn how to get on the side. It is a pity that this did not exist for our oldest at the time, it would have saved us a lot of swimming lessons, and a lot of tension."

Annemarie and her son (4)

"It's really cool to see how the kids become more and more independent in the water, so fast! That makes me super proud!"

Danny & Mik (2)

“Nice to see that you can influence Evi’s behaviour yourself! And we had a lot of fun and Fibby was nice too! On to the next time”

Arjan & Evi (3)

A nice product for the kids, in which the wearing pleasure is paramount for them, and the swimming safety and freedom of movement for us as parents. From the moment Fibby was unboxed, our girls (just 4 years old) have been excited to wear their own Fibby and swim with them. They like to bring Fibby with them and chafe marks are a thing of the past.

Ilona & the twins (4)

"Fibby realy became a part of the family. It was fun to see how much likes Fibby!"

Merle & Lucca (3)

“I'm surprised that after just two playful swims with Fibby Morris already developed great swimming skills. If at the end of the course he can get on the side independently, I'm going to give Fibby a big 10”

Jurrien & Morris (2)

“The first time in the water with  Fibby is still a bit exciting. But as soon as my daughter feels that she is floating, a bright smile emerges. She kicks her legs - as she had seen in the video - and keeps herself afloat. The Fibby is intuitive, makes her waterproof and just as important, nice to wear. Parent and child both very happy 🙂 Fibby is great!”

Annemiek and Lauri (4)

"We bought Fibby last summer because we had set up an Intex bath of 13 cubic meters of water. Not good with small children. My youngest does not yet have a swimming certificate. We equipped our youngest daughter with a Fibby showed here the videos and hop into the water. What a miracle, she is just alone in the water, but with us of course. But completely free. Her sisters also thought it was very special. This invention comes 7 years too late. But to all parents, you get tears in your eyes when you see it working."

Rob & daughter

"This morning it went very well! As the founder you can be proud of such a beautiful product, we are very happy with Fibby! Hannah herself is also very proud and as is the case with toddlers, mom and dad aren’t allowed to help anymore 😁"

Mark & Hannah (2)

"The Fibby learning app worked really well for Morris. At first he didn't want to go swimming but after seeing the videos he immediately changed his mind!"

Rianne & Morris (2)

"I didn't expect that a 2 year old can already move through the water independently"
Mark father of Hannah (2)


"Lauren still didn't want to get out of the water after an hour, she likes her Fibby soooo much!"

Rianne & Lauren (2)

"After we equipped Dean with a Fibby (no swimming certificate yet), it was his best friend at first sight and we had so much pleasure last two weeks in  Italy 🇮🇹. whether it was learning how to snorkel, sup, jump off the boat or off a pier.. everything was cool with Fibby on 😎"

Lynn & Dean (3)

"Normally it is always a struggle when the swimming bands have to be put on with the children in the swimming pool. We don't experience that at all with Fibby. In addition, it also gives a safe feeling when the children jump into the pool."

Job & Sofia (4)

Absolutely great. The kids love it, have a lot of freedom of movement and they have much more fun in playfully getting rid of the fear of the water. Recommended!

Jort & Anna (5)

“Today Lana swam loose for the first time and she is sooo proud! And we on her! She didn't want to leave the water anymore and when she had to she even cleaned her Fibby 🧼. Thanks for developing Fibby. We are so happy with it!”

Desiree & Lana (3)

"Our daughter quickly learned to swim independently with great pleasure and confidence. And she finally got her swimming certificate very quickly (faster than usual). The Fibby gave her a flying start! So highly recommended! The Fibby is intuitive, makes your child water-free and is nice and fun to wear. The latter also makes it something nice for the child to wear. We received super nice reactions from everyone on vacation. Parent and child both very happy. Fibby is truly great!"

Annemiek and her daughter (4)

"What a relief. No more whining about swimming rings!"

Noor & Filippa (4)

"Fantastic how this works, the app is top notch and shows a fantastic learning curve that makes our little one much better prepared for real swimming."

Søren & Fay (4)

"Normally I am very skeptical about these innovations but with Fibby, I have the feeling that it all fits rather well."

Prof. Joost Bierens, Swimming expert

"Fibby is a marvelous innovative product for safety in the water. It brings safety and fun to kids and their parents at a really young age"

Jan Rijpstra, Swimming expert


Jaap & Jan (3)

“What stood out about Fibby is that Bosse himself has to do more to keep his face above water compared to floaties. That does mean that you have to guide your child more at the start. That was also the reason why we started with Fibby, it is more like independent swimming. Soon Bosse was making jumps. From independently looking underwater with Fibby - before Fibby he never dared - until his proposal to swim completely underwater. You can't do that without Fibby, so I thought if you want it, we'll try. He can now swim a lot to the water side without Fibby. Important and valuable to teach your son this before swimming lessons start. As long as Bosse does not have a swimming certificate, he will wear a Fibby and I will always stick with it, but now we are much more confident that he can rescue himself after a fall in the water.”

Derek & Bosse (3)


Let's start with the similarities: like most buoyancy aids, life jackets, and other swimming aids, Fibby is certified. As the first swimming aid, Fibby is certified according to the latest and strictest standard effective October 2021: EN 13138-1: 2021.<br><br>And from that starting point, we like to look at what makes us different from the rest. Fibby is designed by industrial designers, parents and experts of the Dutch Don't Drown Foundation with one simple goal: let parents and children discover the water together while they playfully develop essential water skills, years before swimming lessons start.<br><br>For this, nothing should get in the way. Firstly physically, a child must be able to move completely freely, on the shore and in the water. Secondly, in the water Fibby positions a child of 15-30 kg in an almost natural swimming position thanks to the patented tipping mechanism. This makes the step to self-reliance - eventually even without Fibby - a lot easier.<br><br>Because every learning process is unique but for every family is full of wonder, pride, and steps back, we developed a water safety methodology with the Dutch Don't Drown Foundation that allows parents and children to get started with Fibby themselves. The core of the methodology is play, which makes it easy for children to pick up. In the App, we help parents and children, step by step, on their unique and valuable water journey. Have you already watched the videos on the website?<br><br>And therein lies the big difference, Fibby is the world's first swimming aid with app that enables parents to develop essential water skills. That doesn't mean you can assume your child will swim away with Fibby the first time (as with other swimming aids). With Fibby your child learns to keep his or her face above the water, maintain balance, and turn away from the water in his or her own way. These are the first steps towards water freedom and self-reliance. Some do it straight away, others still find it exciting.<br><br>The same applies to Fibby: always have your child wear a Fibby when in the water and always keep it in sight, no matter how water-free your child becomes.<br><br>Finally, perhaps the biggest difference of all: we see the purchase of a Fibby as a start. We invite every 'Feeb' to stay in touch during your water adventures. If you get stuck then we are here to help, otherwise, we like to learn from your experiences.

Fibby is designed for children between 15 and 30 kg, which is roughly between 2 and 6 years old. We recommend starting with Fibby as early as possible. The younger children are, the less fear they have developed, the sooner they will be able to swim completely freely.

In the summer of 2021, parents from 52 different countries crowdfunded Fibby to bring this idea to life and make first production possible. Since then, there has been so much going on in the world that we had to keep postponing the delivery date. In the meantime, production has started, the first families are swimming with Fibby and more and more Fibby's are becoming available in our webshop. Do you want to be sure of swimming with Fibby this summer? Then order your Fibby right away.


Width: 19 cm / 7.5 inch

Length: 27cm / 10.6 inch

Height: 16cm / 6.3 inch


263 grams


The orange buoyancy is made of EPP (expanded polypropylene). The biggest benefit of EPP is its lightness or buoyancy, since 90% is made out of air. Unlike expanded polystyrene (EPS), known from packaging, EPP is a lot harder, so it doesn't crack or tear like expanded polystyrene.

Fibby’s harness is made from neoprene, something that’s commonly used in wetsuits. Thanks to its 50% stretch, it feels like a second skin. You only have to adjust the strap for ergonomic fit.

For now, it is available in Dutch and English (both in text and videos for parents and children). Given the worldwide interest during our crowdfunding campaign, we expect to be able to offer the app in multiple languages soon.

Dutch design, made in Europe