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Fibby is on a mission

As young and safe as possible in and around the water with lots of fun

Start Fibby as early as possible. The younger children are, the less anxiety they have developed and the sooner they will be able to swim completely free.

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  • Desiree & Lana (3)

    Onze dochter denkt echt dat het haar zwemvriend is. Gaat om als ze wakker wordt op vakantie en pas af als we uit de buurt van het water zijn. Ze kunnen gewoon vrij spelen. De app die erbij zit helpt je kindje goed het vertrouwen te geven

  • Hugo & Pip (4)

    "Fibby" is the tool to learn swimming independently without fear. In fact, it's like a 'balance bike' to real cycling. Traditional swim wings are like 'tricycles': they actually make it more difficult to move independently."

  • Annemarie and her son (4)

    "So nice that there is finally something on the market with which children who are still too young for swimming lessons can practice and, for example, learn how to get to the side. It is a pity that this did not exist for our oldest at the time, it had meant a lot to us swimming lessons and a lot of stress saved."

  • Danny & Mike (2)

    "It's really cool to see how the kids are becoming more and more independent in the water, so fast! That makes me super proud!"

  • Merle & Lucca (3)

    "Fibby really became part of the family. It was nice to see how much love Fibby!"

  • Rianne & Morris (2)

    "The Fibby learning app worked really well for Morris. At first he didn't want to go swimming, but after watching the videos he immediately changed his mind!"

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